Critiquing the 2024 NBA Draft

Kyle Filipowski, a 7-footer from Duke, had to wait until the second day of the 2024 NBA draft to hear his name called. Despite being invited to the green room for the first round, Filipowski was not selected until the Utah Jazz picked him 32nd overall. This delayed wait for the big man was a stark contrast to the expectations set in place by being part of the green room festivities.

The 2024 NBA draft saw a new format introduced, with the first round taking place on Wednesday night and the second round following on Thursday. This split setup was a departure from previous drafts where the first and second rounds were held consecutively on the same night. The change allowed for a more focused and spaced-out selection process, giving teams more time to consider their picks and potential trades.

Filipowski and Kansas forward Johnny Furphy were amongst the players invited to the NBA’s green room for the first round. Despite not being chosen in the opening round, Filipowski’s selection early in the second round highlighted the unpredictability of the draft process. The green room experience can be both exciting and nerve-wracking for prospects, as they eagerly await to hear their names called by NBA franchises.

The second round of the 2024 NBA draft featured a number of trades, signaling teams’ readiness to make moves to reshape their rosters. The trade between the Toronto Raptors and the Sacramento Kings involving Jalen McDaniels and Sasha Vezenkov, as well as the Golden State Warriors dealing the 52nd pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Lindy Waters III, showcased the action-packed nature of the draft beyond just player selections. Teams were actively looking to acquire assets and players that fit their long-term strategies.

The decision to have the second round of the draft on a separate day allowed for more time between picks and encouraged discussions amongst teams regarding potential trades. This change in format gave teams the opportunity to strategize and consider their options more thoroughly, resulting in a more deliberate and calculated approach to the draft process. The extended time between rounds provided a more measured and strategic atmosphere, contrasting the frenetic pace of previous drafts where the second round immediately followed the first.

The 2024 NBA draft showcased the league’s willingness to innovate and adapt to improve the draft experience for teams and prospects. The new format of splitting the draft into two days, along with the extended time between picks in the second round, created a more thoughtful and deliberate selection process. Despite the uncertainties and challenges faced by prospects like Kyle Filipowski, the draft ultimately highlights the excitement and unpredictability that comes with the journey to the NBA.


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