Critical Analysis of the Denver Broncos Quarterback Plan

The Denver Broncos organization has been vocal about their strategic plan regarding the quarterback position. The decision-makers have emphasized this plan through various actions, including the costly move of releasing Russell Wilson and the recent trade acquisition of Zach Wilson from the New York Jets. Zach Wilson, the No. 2 pick of the 2021 NFL draft, had a turbulent three-season tenure with the Jets before being made available for trade. The Jets agreed to split Wilson’s salary for the upcoming season with the Broncos, which adds depth to their quarterback position alongside Jarrett Stidham.

Given Zach Wilson’s on-field struggles with a 57% completion rate and more interceptions than touchdown passes, he is viewed as a reclamation project by the Broncos. Coach Sean Payton has expressed the need to bring in competition for Stidham, and Wilson’s arrival provides just that. It is evident that the Broncos are looking to improve their quarterback situation, especially considering their lack of first-round draft picks due to previous trades.

The Broncos are not in an ideal position to select a first-round quarterback due to other quarterback-needy teams above them in the draft and limited move-up options. The team’s history of missing the playoffs for eight consecutive seasons with multiple starting quarterbacks highlights the urgency to make the right selection at the 12th pick. Despite public speculation and pressure to draft a quarterback, the Broncos are focused on choosing a player who will make a significant impact and address their team needs.

The Broncos currently have limited first-round picks on their roster, emphasizing the importance of acquiring impact players in the upcoming draft. While there is a desire among fans and analysts for the Broncos to target a top quarterback prospect, the organization’s priority is to select a player who aligns with their overall team-building strategy. Zach Wilson’s acquisition provides flexibility for the team to potentially draft a rookie quarterback but serves as a low-cost insurance policy for the first round.

The Broncos’ approach to the quarterback position reflects a calculated and strategic decision-making process. By acquiring Zach Wilson through a trade with the Jets, the team signals a willingness to explore different options and avoid the pressure of forcing a quarterback selection in the draft. The organization’s emphasis on finding the right fit and impact player at the 12th pick underscores their commitment to long-term success and sustainable team-building.

The Denver Broncos’ acquisition of Zach Wilson and their approach to the quarterback position demonstrate a thoughtful and calculated strategy aimed at addressing team needs and maximizing impact player acquisition. Despite external expectations and the history of quarterback struggles, the organization remains focused on making strategic decisions that will position them for success in the long run. Zach Wilson’s addition provides depth and flexibility to the Broncos’ roster, setting the stage for a potentially impactful and transformative draft.


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