Critical Analysis of the Astros Scandal

In a recent game between the Houston Astros and the Oakland Athletics, Ronel Blanco, the Astros’ starter, was ejected at the start of the fourth inning due to the discovery of a foreign substance on his glove. Umpires found what was described as “the stickiest stuff” one of them had ever felt on a glove, leading to Blanco’s ejection by Laz Diaz, the third base umpire. This incident occurred after a routine check of Blanco’s glove before he threw a pitch in the fourth inning, causing a stir on the field.

Confiscation of Blanco’s Glove

As a result of the foreign substance discovery, Blanco’s glove was immediately confiscated, and first base umpire Erich Bacchus took it off the field for further investigation. Bacchus, who conducted a second check before the fourth inning, revealed that he found something sticky inside the glove, prompting the ejection of Blanco. The crew, along with Diaz, conference to ensure they all had the same findings before making the decision to eject Blanco from the game.

Denial and Explanation from Blanco

Despite the evidence pointing to the presence of an illegal substance on his glove, Blanco denied using anything prohibited. He mentioned that it was probably rosin from his left arm that got into the glove due to sweat, which could have led to the discovery. Blanco even asked the umpires to check his hands, claiming that if his glove had something sticky, it should also be present on his hands. However, this request was not honored.

This incident comes in the wake of MLB’s crack down on foreign substances, which began in June 2021. Players found guilty of using illegal substances may face suspensions, with Blanco likely to receive a 10-game suspension for the infraction. This move by MLB aims to maintain the integrity of the game and ensure that all players adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the league.

Blanco, who had an impressive season debut with a no-hitter, now faces scrutiny and a potential suspension for the use of a foreign substance. His performance in the game against the Athletics, where he allowed four hits and struck out one in three scoreless innings, will now be overshadowed by this controversy. The Astros, who were leading 1-0 when Blanco was replaced, will have to deal with the fallout from this incident and possibly make adjustments to their pitching rotation in his absence.

The discovery of a foreign substance on Ronel Blanco’s glove during a game between the Astros and the Athletics has once again brought the issue of illegal substances in baseball to the forefront. The incident highlights the ongoing efforts by MLB to crack down on such practices and maintain the integrity of the game. Blanco’s denial, coupled with the pending suspension, shows the serious consequences that players may face for violating league rules. Ultimately, this scandal serves as a reminder to all players to play by the rules and uphold the values of fair play in the sport.


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