Critical Analysis of France’s Euro 2024 Performance

The article brings attention to the struggles faced by Kylian Mbappé as he played with a mask to protect his broken nose during France’s 1-1 draw with Poland. It is mentioned that despite scoring a penalty, Mbappé had limitations in his peripheral vision due to the mask. However, the issues extended beyond just his vision, as the hot weather in Dortmund caused sweat to stick in his eyes, making it difficult for him to perform at his best. Deschamps highlighted these challenges faced by Mbappé, shedding light on the obstacles the player had to overcome.

Despite the difficulties posed by the mask, Didier Deschamps expressed satisfaction with Mbappé’s performance during the game. He commended the player for his determination and hunger to play, keeping him on the field for the full duration of the match. Mbappé’s goal from a penalty was a testament to his skills, although it was not sufficient to secure a victory for France. Deschamps emphasized the importance of the game in preparing Mbappé for future matches, indicating his confidence in the player’s abilities.

The article also touches upon France’s overall performance in Euro 2024, highlighting their lack of open-play goals and their reliance on penalties and own goals for results. Despite advancing to the next stage, Les Bleus have not been convincing in their gameplay. Deschamps acknowledged the need for improvement, particularly in terms of scoring more goals and being more clinical in front of the net. The coach expressed optimism in the team’s ability to rediscover their scoring form from previous matches.

As France prepares to face tough competition in the knockout stage, Deschamps understands the challenges that lie ahead. With teams like Portugal, Germany, and Spain in their half of the draw, the road to success will not be easy. The coach stressed the importance of goal-scoring and efficiency in finishing chances, recognizing the need for improvement in those areas. Despite the setbacks faced by the team, Deschamps remains positive and hopeful for a turnaround in their performance.

France’s performance in Euro 2024 has been met with both praise and criticism. While Kylian Mbappé’s efforts despite wearing a mask are commendable, the team’s struggles in scoring open-play goals raise concerns for their prospects in the tournament. As they look ahead to the knockout stage, France must address their shortcomings and work on refining their attacking prowess to compete against the top teams in Europe. Deschamps’ leadership will be crucial in guiding the team towards success in the later stages of the competition.


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