Concerns Surround Gerrit Cole’s Elbow Discomfort: What Does It Mean for the Yankees?

The New York Yankees ace pitcher, Gerrit Cole, is set to undergo an MRI after experiencing discomfort in his right elbow, according to manager Aaron Boone. The reigning American League Cy Young Award winner has been struggling with recovery between spring outings, which is unusual for him. Boone mentioned that Cole’s recovery process before his next start has been more challenging than usual, resembling the issues he faces during the regular season when he throws 100 pitches. Despite the discomfort, Boone clarified that Cole is not in pain.

Cole, who is 33 years old, was supposed to make his second spring training start soon after giving up three runs in his first appearance against the Toronto Blue Jays on March 1. However, he did not report any discomfort during his simulated game six days later, where he threw 47 pitches over three innings. Boone expressed concern about the recovery challenges Cole has been facing, prompting the decision to conduct an MRI to assess the situation further.

Boone acknowledged that the recovery issues Cole is experiencing are atypical and more demanding than usual. Considering Cole’s history of making at least 30 starts in each of the last six full regular seasons, the current situation raises red flags for the Yankees. The team is eager to understand the extent of Cole’s discomfort and how it might impact his availability for the upcoming games.

In addition to Gerrit Cole’s health worries, Yankees center fielder Aaron Judge is also facing physical challenges. Judge is expected to be sidelined until Wednesday due to spring training fatigue, limiting his participation in on-field batting practice. During Sunday’s game against Atlanta, Judge was replaced after three innings and two strikeouts, indicating potential concerns about his readiness for the season.

Gerrit Cole’s health concerns come at a significant time as he enters the fifth season of a lucrative nine-year contract with the Yankees. With the option to opt out after this season and explore free agency, Cole’s performance and health status have implications for both the player and the team. The possibility of the Yankees voiding Cole’s opt-out by adding a guaranteed salary for 2029 further complicates the situation, adding financial considerations to the mix.

As Gerrit Cole undergoes an MRI to assess his elbow discomfort and Aaron Judge manages spring training fatigue, the New York Yankees face uncertainties regarding key players’ health and availability. The team’s success in the upcoming season hinges on the timely recovery and effective management of these health issues, highlighting the importance of proactive measures to ensure player well-being and performance on the field. The results of Cole’s MRI will provide valuable insights into the extent of his condition and the necessary steps to facilitate his return to form, shaping the Yankees’ prospects for the season ahead.


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