Charles Leclerc Reflects on Qualifying Struggles

After showing promise in the practice sessions leading up to qualifying, Charles Leclerc found himself struggling with his front tyres during the crucial Q3 session. Despite starting off strong with fourth place in Q1 and second place in Q2, a front wing change for his final run in Q3 did not yield the desired results. This led to Leclerc settling for fifth place on the grid for the upcoming race.

Analysis of Performance

Reflecting on his performance, Leclerc acknowledged that the issues he faced in Q3 were not isolated incidents. He pointed out that the struggles actually began in FP3, where he noticed a deterioration in the feel of his car. Despite his confidence that the feeling would improve for qualifying, the expected turnaround did not materialize. Leclerc admitted to pushing the limits with an aggressive front wing adjustment in Q3, which unfortunately did not pay off.

Tyre Preparation

Leclerc identified his own tyre preparation as a key factor contributing to his difficulties during qualifying. He mentioned that the feeling of the car was not right from the beginning and that his laps lacked the cleanliness and consistency he had experienced in the previous sessions. The Monegasque driver took ownership of his performance, acknowledging that his subpar tyre preparation had a cascading effect on his overall performance during the session.

In addition to assessing his own performance, Leclerc also noted the impressive performance of the Red Bull team, particularly in terms of engine power. He recognized that Red Bull’s engine advantage was evident in certain sections of the track, which contributed to their overall competitiveness. Looking ahead to the race, Leclerc expressed realism about the challenges posed by Red Bull and their drivers, highlighting Max Verstappen as a strong contender for victory.

Despite the setbacks in qualifying, Leclerc remained optimistic about his prospects for the race. While acknowledging the strength of his rivals, he maintained his goal of fighting for a podium finish. Understanding the difficulties posed by the competitive field, Leclerc aimed to maximize his performance and capitalize on any opportunities that arose during the race.

Charles Leclerc’s reflections on his qualifying struggles provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by drivers in Formula 1. By analyzing his own performance and acknowledging the strengths of his competitors, Leclerc demonstrates a mature and strategic approach to racing. As he prepares for the upcoming race, Leclerc’s determination to bounce back and compete for a podium finish reflects his competitive spirit and commitment to continuous improvement in the sport.


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