Breaking Through: Alek Manoah’s Journey to Redemption

When Alek Manoah arrived at spring training last year, he was definitely not in the form that earned him a third-place finish in the AL Cy Young Award voting. His teammate Kevin Gausman noted that Manoah seemed to be rushing and never quite found his footing. This led to a disappointing season where he was optioned to the minors twice and finished with a 3-9 record and a 5.87 ERA, a far cry from his impressive 2022 performance. It was clear that something needed to change.

Reflecting on his performance, Manoah acknowledged that his biomechanics and overall mechanics were off. He recognized the need to make significant improvements both physically and mentally. The off-season became a crucial period for him to work on his arm slot and address any issues that were holding him back. With dedication and a strong work ethic, he was determined to bounce back stronger than ever.

As Manoah returned to the field, his efforts did not go unnoticed. His catcher, Danny Jansen, praised his progress and commented on how he looked better than ever before. The changes he made seemed to be paying off, and there was a newfound confidence in his abilities. With the support of his teammates and coaches, Manoah was ready to take on the challenge of reclaiming his spot as a valuable starter in the rotation.

Looking Ahead

With a lineup that includes experienced pitchers like Gausman, Chris Bassitt, José Berríos, and Yusei Kikuchi, Manoah is eager to prove himself once again. The struggles he faced served as valuable lessons, pushing him to work even harder and refine his skills. His determination and competitive spirit have not wavered, and his teammates have full faith in his abilities. Bo Bichette expressed confidence in Manoah’s comeback, highlighting the dedication and effort he has shown throughout the off-season.

Alek Manoah’s journey serves as a powerful example of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. His commitment to improvement and willingness to learn from past mistakes have set him on the path to redemption. As he steps onto the field once again, it is clear that Manoah is ready to break through and reclaim his rightful place among the best in the game.


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