Bezzecchi Struggles with Front-End Feeling on Ducati GP23

Coming into the 2024 season, Bezzecchi was viewed as a potential title contender after a strong performance last year. However, his struggles with the 2023-spec Ducati have been apparent, particularly in the recent Qatar Grand Prix where he qualified in 15th place and finished 14th in the race. The primary issue for Bezzecchi has been a lack of feeling on the front end of the bike, affecting his ability to charge into corners and handle the GP23 effectively.

Bezzecchi described his difficulties in Qatar, noting that his front end locked up during the race, leading to a loss of sensation when braking and entering corners. This lack of feeling with the front tyre has resulted in Bezzecchi losing speed on approach, forcing him to open the throttle too late or enter corners too slowly. As a consequence, he found himself running out of rear tyres prematurely, forcing him to switch to a lower power map mid-race and struggle with tyre management.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Bezzecchi remains determined to overcome his struggles. He acknowledged the frustrating situation but also finds it motivating to work hard and improve his performance on the Ducati GP23. He expressed hope that he and his team can find a better setup in Portimao to achieve better results on race day.

Unlike Bezzecchi, his VR46 teammates and other GP23 riders did not experience the same difficulties in Qatar. This has led Bezzecchi to focus on utilizing their data and learning from their performances in order to improve his own. He emphasized the importance of studying the Marquez brothers and his teammate, who have been able to achieve faster lap times and better race pace with the same bike.

Bezzecchi’s struggles with front-end feeling on the Ducati GP23 have posed significant challenges for him in the early stages of the 2024 season. Despite these obstacles, he remains determined to work hard and overcome his difficulties to achieve better results in future races. By analyzing data from his teammates and learning from their performances, Bezzecchi hopes to find a better setup and improve his performance on the GP23.


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