Analysis of Zach Wilson’s Voluntary Workouts Situation

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is facing an unprecedented situation as he remains in limbo with the NFL draft approaching next week. Wilson, the No. 2 pick in 2021, has been on the trading block since the start of the offseason. His decision to skip voluntary workouts, after always being an active participant in the offseason program in his first three seasons, is out of character and indicates a level of frustration. This situation is a clear reflection of the uncertainty that Wilson is facing in his career.

General manager Joe Douglas has granted Wilson permission to speak to teams about a potential trade back in February. While discussions have been held with various teams regarding Wilson’s trade, Douglas mentioned that there is currently no news to report on that front. The stumbling block in trading Wilson seems to be his 2024 salary of $5.45 million, which is fully guaranteed. The Jets are contemplating how much of this salary they are willing to absorb in a potential trade deal.

Owner Woody Johnson stated last month that the Jets would keep Wilson on the roster if they cannot find a suitable trading partner. However, if they release Wilson, the cap hit would be the same as if he remains on the roster, which is $11.2 million. The decision to retain Wilson until training camp seems unlikely due to the awkwardness of the situation. While Douglas referred to Wilson as an asset, he stopped short of confirming whether Wilson will be on the team if no trade materializes.

Johnson’s comments in February regarding Wilson not having a backup last season may have negatively impacted Wilson’s trade value. These comments, combined with Wilson’s performance on the field, where he struggled with a 12-21 record as a starter with 23 touchdown passes and 25 interceptions in three seasons, might make it challenging for the Jets to secure a favorable trade deal for Wilson.

Overall, Zach Wilson’s voluntary workouts situation reflects the complexity and uncertainty surrounding his future with the New York Jets. The decision-making process involving team management, discussions with other teams, and potential impact on Wilson’s trade value all contribute to the challenging situation that Wilson currently finds himself in. Only time will tell how this situation unfolds and what the ultimate outcome will be for the young quarterback.


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