Analysis of Marc Marquez’s Adaptation at COTA

Marc Marquez, the eight-time world champion, has had a challenging start to the MotoGP season as he adjusts to riding the Gresini Ducati. Despite his success at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in the past, Marquez has been facing difficulties in finding his rhythm on the Ducati at the iconic track. His performance during Friday practice sessions left him in third place overall, indicating that he is still grappling with the nuances of riding the Italian machine at a circuit where he has excelled in the past.

Marquez acknowledged the need to change his approach to riding at COTA due to the differences in how the Ducati handles compared to the Honda. He emphasized the need to find time in a different way on the Ducati, especially in the stop-and-go corners where the Honda used to excel. This change in riding style has forced Marquez to concentrate more on understanding the Ducati’s strengths and weaknesses at COTA, leading to improvements in his lap times as the practice sessions progressed.

As Marquez continues to face new challenges with each track he encounters on the Ducati, he admitted that his instincts from riding the Honda are starting to fade. Despite having a distinct riding style, Marquez highlighted the difficulty of breaking old habits and adapting to the requirements of the Ducati. He noted that the memories of years spent riding the Honda can make it challenging to switch to a new approach, but he is gradually making progress in aligning his mindset with the demands of the Ducati.

Throughout the practice sessions at COTA, Marquez expressed satisfaction with the support he received from his Gresini team in addressing setup troubles. He credited the team for helping him make improvements to the bike and achieve a more consistent performance on track. Marquez’s ability to work closely with the team and make necessary adjustments to the setup indicates his willingness to adapt to the demands of the Ducati and maximize his performance at challenging circuits like COTA.

Despite the initial struggles and adjustments required, Marquez’s determination to overcome the obstacles posed by the Ducati showcases his resilience as a rider. As he continues to refine his riding style and build familiarity with the Ducati, Marquez is poised to make further progress in the upcoming races. By leveraging the experience gained from each track and working closely with his team, Marquez aims to secure consistent results and demonstrate his competitiveness in the highly competitive MotoGP field.


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