Analysis of Canelo Alvarez’s Fight Strategy and Mindset

Canelo Alvarez has made it abundantly clear that he is not susceptible to bending under pressure from critics and fans alike. Despite calls for him to face David Benavidez, the undefeated super middleweight titlist remains resolute in his decision-making process. He believes that his extensive resume speaks for itself, showcasing the fact that he has already fought with numerous opponents throughout his career.

As Canelo reflects on his career achievements, he feels justified in having the autonomy to pick and choose his opponents at this stage. He has put in the hard work and dedication to reach his current position, which is why he asserts his right to decide on his opponents. This mindset exudes confidence and self-assurance, empowering him to make strategic choices that align with his career goals.

Considering Catch Weight Fights

Despite the potential excitement of facing Benavidez at a catch weight, Canelo dismisses the idea due to the perceived negative implications. He believes that critics would accuse him of manipulating the fight in his favor if he were to win. This decision reflects his careful consideration of the consequences of each match-up and the impact it could have on his reputation.

Revisiting Past Matches

While Canelo shows reluctance towards facing Benavidez, he expresses a more positive attitude towards a rematch with Dmitry Bivol. Despite Bivol defeating him in a previous encounter, Canelo sees the potential for growth and redemption in a rematch scenario. This willingness to revisit past matches demonstrates his commitment to continuous improvement and learning from previous experiences.

Looking ahead to his upcoming fight with Jaime Munguia on Cinco De Mayo Weekend, Canelo acknowledges the significance of the match for Mexican fans. Both fighters are known for their powerful punching abilities, setting the stage for an intense and thrilling showdown. Canelo anticipates a tough and competitive fight, emphasizing his eagerness to engage in battles that push him to his limits.

Canelo’s love for challenging fights and the intensity of warfare in the ring is evident in his approach to each match. He thrives on the adrenaline and competition that come with facing formidable opponents like Munguia. This mindset reflects his fearless attitude towards taking on tough challenges and showcases his relentless determination to succeed in the sport of boxing.


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