Analysis of Alex Wennberg’s Potential Trade Amidst Seattle Kraken’s Playoff Push

On Monday night’s game against the Calgary Flames, Seattle Kraken forward Alex Wennberg was notably absent from the lineup. His absence was attributed to potential trade discussions, as confirmed by coach Dave Hakstol. This absence raises questions about Wennberg’s future with the team as he is in the final season of his current contract.

At 29 years old, Wennberg has an impressive resume in the NHL. Drafted 14th overall by the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2013, he has since played for multiple teams including the Florida Panthers and the Seattle Kraken. Throughout his career, Wennberg has accumulated 330 points in 693 games, showcasing his offensive prowess and playmaking abilities.

Wennberg is known for his strong underlying offensive numbers and exceptional passing skills. With a high hockey IQ, he is a valuable asset on the penalty kill and can create scoring opportunities for his team, even when shorthanded. However, despite his promising analytics, Wennberg has struggled to translate these into consistent production on the ice.

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, Wennberg’s future with the Seattle Kraken remains uncertain. A trade to a contending team could provide him with the opportunity to showcase his talents in a more competitive environment. With the Kraken currently nine points out of a playoff spot, Wennberg’s departure could signal a shift in the team’s roster as they look to bolster their lineup for the future.

The looming trade deadline and Wennberg’s absence from Monday night’s game have sparked speculation about his future in the NHL. While he has the skills to thrive in the right environment, Wennberg’s performance this season has been inconsistent. As the Seattle Kraken navigate their playoff push, the decision regarding Wennberg’s potential trade will have significant implications for the team’s roster and their pursuit of a postseason berth.


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